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IFSEA has tested over 1800 nursing home managers - we are offering the Manley Method training for FREE to raise the knowledge level of the managers and staff. They will do a better job, feel more secure in their knowledge, be ready to get promoted, and take better care of the residents. Some will later want to get certified, but we honestly don't care, we want to raise the industry standards.

"The future belongs to those who prepare for it!"
Denzel Washington during a commencement address.
That's what the Manley Method was created to do.

PowerPoint or Ed Manley Zoom Recording Training:

Certified Food Manager is one of only two certifications that are accepted by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid) for the food service manager of a nursing home or long-term-care facility. Major demerits and fines can result in the manager losing their job. Companies are desperate to find people who are already certified. CFM is faster (3-4 days of study vs 18 months for CDM, less expensive ($299 vs $3,000 to $4,000 for CDM) and less difficult than the other alternative because we only teach what you will ACTUALLY USE. We suggest getting CFM so you can get and keep the job, and work on CDM as a long-term goal, when you have 18 months and $3,000 - it may pay more and absolutely is better if and when you can. But only 2 of 10 people who apply actually earn CDM. We suggest getting an AA on your way to a BA on your way to a Master's, same idea.

If you have a foodborne illness outbreak and get sued and your manager is not certified to CMS standards, your loss will likely be greater.

The Certified Food Manager Course and Certification Exam provides a foundation for food service operations needed in restaurant, deli, café, healthcare, secondary and post-secondary schools and military food service settings.

Certified Food Manager Candidate Handbook - for the detail oriented person

Administration and Security Procedures Manual - CLICK HERE to check on credentialing and re-credentialing requirements, fees, appeals and complaint processes.

There are 8 sections to the training and test CLICK HERE to see what those are and how many questions are in each section:

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NOTE - CFM needs to be renewed every 4 years by re-testing. Signing up for more than one person? You can purchase up to 10 Test Access Codes at a time. For more than 5 at a time (special pricing) call us at 561-929-4795. We will send you the appropriate number of Test Access Codes.

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Here is ***the link*** to the training - You can have people do this training who may never test - we want to educate the nursing home industry so spread this training - FREE.
PowerPoint or Ed Manley Zoom Recording Training:

1st Re-test is FREE. Fail twice and you will Pay $119 for the 3rd try
There is NO reason to fail this test as all questions are answered on a slide, however, half the people need to use the free re-test to earn CFM, which most then pass.

To pay for your 3rd CFM test select this button.

Step 3 - Take the Test
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Course includes the following items to help you prepare for taking the International Foodservice Executives Association (IFSEA) CFM Exam,

  • Training with PowerPoint slides for each of the topic areas
  • Training with pre-recorded Zoom with an instructor (students prefer)
  • E. Books for Customer Service, Management, HACCP and Food Safety
  • Certified Food Manager (CFM)® 80 question examination - up to 75 minutes without accommodation (accommodation requests contact

There is no time limit to complete the training and take the test, though our best advice is to study and immediately test. You remember less, not more, as time passes.

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